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Renovations & Restorations

Whether you are choosing to renovate your existing home or do historic restorations, we are mindful there are reasons you have come to this decision. We recognize that if you enjoy the style of your home, adore your neighborhood, or the mature landscaping, you have an emotional attachment to it. For those reasons we will encourage you to recycle your present home into having a new life of its own.

Renovating a home is an exciting challenge for us personally and professionally. To keep your family living in their home while this project takes shape, literally all around them, is a team effort. Our goal is to create a good contractor/homeowner relationship with clear communication and reasonable expectations.

In having been weaned into this business by our Dad (especially in renovating) one of the attributes that we hold near and dear is our accommodating nature. Being mindful and considerate of the disruptions which will occur and minimizing them is paramount to keeping this an enjoyable journey.


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